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Bronte love’s going to the beach with her friends

Hi – hi! I am Bronte! Sometimes people think I’m a little too fidgety! Anyway, I love everything about the beach and would even live there if my Mum let me!

I reckon that the best job in the world would be one that meant I could always be in the water.

Oh, do you want to know how old I am? I’m 9. My birthday is in March, and my birthstone is an aquamarine. Aqua means water and marine means the sea.

So even my birthstone loves the beach! Hmm… what else should I tell you? Well, my best subject in school is Art but I work hard at Maths and English. My favourite colours are green and yellow, and my favourite food is Italian. I bet you thought I’d say seafood didn’t you?

Bronte's Bio

Me, dad, and mum live in between Fremantle and Perth, so we’re close to the beach, and I go there almost all the time.

I like collecting seashells, especially ones with holes in them, so I can make necklaces and wind chimes.

My bedroom is painted blue, and my pillows are in the shape of fish. My bedroom is filled with things I found at the beach. I have a massive cuttlefish collection, lots of interesting pieces of wood, and heaps of glass.

The glass is so pretty. They look like see through coloured pebbles, and they are smooth and round because the ocean has rubbed them against the sand for so long.

Mum thinks my bedroom smells funny, so I’m not allowed to collect seaweed anymore. Mum says I can’t leave the seaweed in the bath anymore either. Instead I leave it on the front verandah. Seaweed is better wet though. It goes a weird grey colour when it’s dry.


Amy love’s the outdoors and sports


Hi, I am Amy from Adelaide!

I love sport especially Netball, Soccer and Football. But when I grow up I’m going to be an actress. I think that would be so cool!

Where we live we are too far away from the country and too far away from the city.Stuck in the suburbs. Well, I guess the park is something.There are netball courts, and goals for soccer and football there. Oh! And I’m part of the junior netball team! We’re called the Pink Galahs. I practice all the time, so that one day I’ll be really good. I like to practice everything I do over and over again till it’s perfect.

I live with my mum, dad and my two little sisters. They are twins and can be a bit annoying sometimes, but they are small and cute so they get away with it.I’m the big sister. That means I get my own room – finally. I had to share with the twins for ages. My house is kinda small and I’ve lived in it my entire life. We live next door to an empty lot, and nobody ever goes there except me and my friends when they visit. There are a few trees and the grass is really long.

Dad says it’s probably filled with snakes, so I always whack the ground with a stick when I walk through the grass. Emily told me that scares them away. She should know because she hates snakes, and her big brother told her so it must be trues. Me and my friends built a cubby house there, and it’sour secret place. Not even the twins know about it, because if they did they’d want to play there with us all the time and that would be annoying. The empty lot is the most interesting thing at my house.


Jasmine loves all sort of music


Um, hello! My name is Jasmine, except my friends call me Jas!

I live in Sydney but they live ages away from me. That’s ok though because we e-mail each other all the time and sometimes we get to visit each other which is really exciting!

I play the violin and I love all sorts of music. On television from time to time they show concerts, but I’d like to see one live one day.

Another thing I like to do as well as play music is read. I would read an entire library if I could! My favourite books are ones that have a mystery, (maybe I’ll be a detective when I’m older!) and ones that make me laugh. I have lots of books in my bedroom.

Mum and dad sometimes go to see concerts, and they bring me back mementos.

In my bedroom I have lots of posters of the concerts they went to see. When I turn 10 mum and dad promised to take me to see a live concert! I’m 9 right now, but my birthday is in a few months. Maybe I’ll be allowed to take Emily, Amy, and Belle with me! That would be wonderful!

When I grow up I’m not sure what I’ll be. I have lots of ideas! Perhaps I’ll be a doctor, or maybe a famous violinist. Then I’ll have my own concerts! But I’m a bit shy. It might be scary standing up on stage all by myself. Well…. If my friends were there then maybe it wouldn’t be so bad.

It would be fun!


Emily loves taking care of the environment


G’day! My name’s Emily and I’m gonna be a Jillaroo someday

My favourite animals are horses, wombats, dogs, cats, wallabies and….. well, I guess I love ALL animals! Except maybe snakes. Urgh!

All my friends live ages away from me, and there aren’t many kids on the station my age. They’re either too old or too little.So, anyway I get to stay at my friends’ houses on the holidays, and sometimes they come to my house. And we keep in contact on the internet and with letters where they tell me all the adventures they’ve been having, and I tell them all the adventures I have.I love adventures! They are sneaky things… you have to go out and find them!

I live on a cattle station east of Tennant Creek with my mum, my big brother Jay, and my dog Aslan.

I don’t go to a school, I do home schooling, and there is a teacher who is on the computer who tells us what to do.

My mum is the station mechanic, so she fixes up the motorbikes and other vehicles when they break down.

Jay is 23 years old, and he’s a station hand. That means he looks after the cattle and moves them around the place. His girlfriend Sarah is a station hand too. She is so cool!

Jay works on a motorbike, but Sarah works on a horse called Opal. I wanna be like her when I’m older.

She said that before you get to be a station hand you have to be a Jillaroo.

So that’s what I’m gonna do?


I’ve always known that I was Australian


Hello everyone! I’m Matilda

I have lived all over the place but at the moment I split my time between boarding school and my aunt and uncle’s cattle station as my parents are away overseas again.

I am learning fast that there is different kind of fun to be had in both places and I think it’s great.

I love history! Aussie history is the best—all those men in top hats and ladies in long, frilly dresses.

Oh and the explorers tramping over mountains to see what was on the other side—or looking for gold! That would be the best!

I also love clothes and dressing up. I love pretending to be someone else – it’s really romantic.

While we were living all around the world, Mum used to tell lots of stories of famous Aussies of the past. I think this helped me feel Australian even when I wasn’t living there. I love the old stories and sometimes I just wish I had a time-machine so I could get my friends together and shoot off for adventures in places in time and space!

I suppose I love history and archaeology ‘cos my family is pretty old. No, dad’s not 90! But Mum’s ancestor, Mary Brenham, arrived on the First Fleet in 1788. She was a 13-year-old convict who stole stuffed petticoats (how do you stuff a petticoat?) cotton stockings, cloth, a cap etc. (She loved clothes too!)

My grandparents named their station Brenham Station when they got married. Romantic. This is where my aunt and uncle live now.

What is really great about staying with them is that they have a daughter my age too – my cousin Emily. She teaches me about the station and I tell her stories from everywhere I have been.

The best thing about spending time on the station is that I get close to nature. I love animals – especially frogs. Some people think its weird for a girl to like frogs but they just seem magical to me. I am going to keep kissing them until one turns into something else!

Our diverse Australian Girls

The question of ethnicity is a tricky one since the world is like a giant mixing bowl! Whilst Australia has an amazing and diverse population, our 5 dolls represent just a snapshot.


Amy’s family tree is a mix of Aboriginal and Dutch on her mother’s side, English and Indian/ Fijian on her father’s side. This diversity can be seen in Amy’s siblings who have different eye colours and varying skin tones.


Emily’s father was born in Australia to wealthy English / Scandinavian parents. Her mother, Elizabeth (or Liz) was an ex-school teacher and a descendant of Third Fleeters.


Bronte’s background is European, her father is Irish and her mother is Italian. Both parents were born overseas but immigrated to Melbourne, before settling in Perth.


Jasmine is the only child of a Korean businessman father and a Chinese mother.


Matilda is a unique individual with an international background. Her Australian and Scottish mother met her North American father while backpacking.